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Hi, Im Diane -A Alaskan raised emotion seeker, photo creative and vintage advocate.

I love living. I believe its okay for my house to be a mess and to binge watch your favorite TV show. I know hard work pays off, so I work hard. During the week you can find me eating out with my sister or playing peek-a-boo with my son. On the weekend you'll find me sleeping. Just kidding, that would be nice, huh?


I'm all into the romantic photos where the couple is laughing or their lips are almost touching. But, sometimes we have to be real. We have to except that maybe our relationship is not a Hollywood movie. I know mine isn't. Most nights were watching Netflix and one of us is changing my sons poopie diaper. Haha, TMI? Does that mean you can't get romantic, fun, adventurous photos of you and your fiancé? HECK NO! That's where I come in. I work with couples to "spark" romance, fun and adventure. Whatever "feel" you're after for wedding photos, you'll get it! I care about my clients and I want you to feel amazing on your wedding day!

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Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful. For beauty is God's handwriting. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be fearlessly authentic...

Authenticity is magnetic. I find my inspiration in who are and what you bring the table. Your laugh, the way you kiss, your hobbies, the way you look at each other. Whatever it is , it's you. I find no shame in who you are. You just be you, and I'll bring the magic. I've been doing this for quite a while and I know what I love. I know that couples in love have so much emotion to show and that's why I love this. I love creating art from your authentic selves.

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Each couple is unique. I love getting know each couple and find what makes them unique. Every bride gets a wedding timeline (before you even book) to help you decide what you need from me for. Contact for more information, and to view my wedding magazine!

starting at $1600Full day wedding packages start with 6 hours coverage. Every package is tailored to fit your needs! Weddings
starting at $700Elopments begin at 2 hours and can have 2-10 guests.Elopements
starting at $325Lets go explore and have fun. Marriage is special, unique and rewarding, start your engagement off with a sweet photographic adventure you won't forget (lets hope not, haha)!Engagements

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Diane did amazing work! She kind of acted like my wedding day coordinator, she helped remind me of things we needed to do, and made sure I got all the pictures I wanted. She exceeded my expectations for how I thought our wedding photos would look. Absolutely in love with them!!

Melina & Steven

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